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    Hi All

    When I got my Pre2, I was over the moon with the level of Skype functionality and Synergy integration. It just totally rocks.

    Then I got my TP (3.01, 3.04...), and noticed that Skype chat history only shows messages sent from that specific device.

    By comparison, the Pre2 (and my PC's/laptops, etc), show all elements of a current chat - things I have typed into another device OR that same device.

    Since I am constantly using Skype to chat with mutliple individuals about various projects, being able to have the chat history with me when I leave my desk has been invaluable with my Pre2.

    Now, as I get to know my Pre3, well, it's showing the same gap in the Skype app that caused e to use my TP as a paperweight!

    Anyone out there know of any tweaks or anything to get my my "bidirectional" chat history on my Pre3?

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    I get the full conversations for time that I'm not logged in, next time I login, although the TouchPad doesn't retrieve huge amounts of history, unlike the other versions of Skype that will literally spend hours downloading my last two months history, if I haven't logged in on that client for a while. Mixed blessing, that feature.
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    I have a Pre2 running 2.4.2, and the skype app won't allow me to login (using same login that works on my laptop).

    Anyone else having this problem?

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