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    Hi Everyone,

    I've had my TP for a year or so now but have not used it that much. I installed CM 7 on it and have yet to do anything else with it. Sometimes I notice that my wifi connection isn't that strong when in another room.

    I have been visually impaired since birth and have been reading a lot about the iPad having apps for the visually impaired. Does the TP have anything like this? My Aunt is looking to get an iPad and I'm debating on getting one if the TP doesn't have apps for the visually impaired.

    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!


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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    Nope, not that I'm aware of. The best I know are websites in the browser that already have text-resize functionality built into them, but no webOS app developers that I'm aware of even think to consider it as part of their development process in the midst of creating fluffy experiences and "cool" stuff.

    As far as screenreading goes, there's not even a basic screenreader for the impaired like the other platforms have. Android's support of screenreading is half-baked at best--try it if you haven't; it's mostly a joke--while iOS is pretty much the gold standard with VoiceOver. You may have better luck with Android 4.0 (CM9 on the Touchpad) as they've given more consideration to accessibility, but I wouldn't count on it being that terribly improved.

    If you need an accessible platform, go iOS every single time. Apple does accessibility right on mobile devices, and anyone who challenges that...feel free to try proving me wrong.

    I do WCAG Level A-AA/ARIA accessibility work as a web development architect at my day job, and it's pretty sad to see webOS without even the basics for the disabled and/or otherwise impaired. It's simply not a good platform for accessibility in its current state, and unless it's prioritized for Open webOS and the Isis Browser down the line, it likely never will be. And that is a shame for a modern platform.
    Dear HB Developer,

    Thank you for your input AND for letting me know that you are a developer! I'm looking to get into webdesign myself and am not sure where to start. Any tips, especially on making it user-friendly for visually impaired folks like myself?

    What a bummer that Web OS didn't think about would think that would be a top priority in today's world. Oh well, looks like they just lost a customer to Apple.

    Thanks again,


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