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    guys check this new cross platform messaging application -PingMe ,it is quite good i believe and
    they support all the platforms except the obvious -webOS ,but i happen to email them through their website

    i wrote on 24march
    i appreciate the app but by any means ,would this be available for webOS platform also in near future, i mean how hard can it be ?? there are lots of webOS users who need a cross platform messaging application right now ,it'll be instant hit incase u make it available for webOS also ,i know there are less webOS users but still they are not very less by any means.

    thankyou from INDIA

    they replied today as

    Hello PingMe User,

    We appreciate your feedback, but our application doesn't have a plan to support webOS platform you suggested. We will discuss the possibilities on WebOS.

    Thank You,
    PingMe Support

    So it is obvious from the reply that they dont have plan but atleast they may give it a thought ,so point is if we all can email them directly OR file a petition OR through any means communicate them that we can be a significant user base if at all they decide to support webOS too.
    i know its a long shot but we all can atleast make a request by contacting them on below link :

    Contact | PingMe
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    It looks like another app that trolls through your address book. Isn't that a no no with webOS?
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    I have a cross platform messaging app. I call it text messaging. I can talk to all of my friends with iphones, Android phones, Blackberrries, even Windows phones. It's amazing.

    I know, I know, not everyone has unlimited text messaging. That's so last decade.
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    @lavo96 .i know .its not at all positive for webOS but there is no harm trying for that this stage all we have is hope ..we are in dire need of cross platform mssggng app.. thought to share it..

    @Grabber5.0 -maybe everyone has unlimited text messaging but not unlimited picture sharing...
    no need to be sarcastic
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    From what I understand, it's not too difficult to get Google Voice setup even if you're outside of the US, although technically they do have a requirement that you be in the US to setup an account.

    I've also noticed that Google Voice has started supporting MMS, via text and email forwarding, and as soon as they add it to the web interface, it'll get added to GVoice.

    However, if you're outside of the US, DON'T bother downloading GVoice for your webOS device until after you've verified that you can sign up at Google Voice - I don't want to have to say "BUT I TOLD YOU" in a support email.
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    well i know it's not too difficult to get Google Voice setup but its not the best also for people outside US ..i had setup google voice long back using Hotspot Shield / SIP client etc but its an ON/OFF thing.. sometime it works and some time not...(google finds out my location thro IP address ,if i login again to my gmail a/c to check my emails ).i may try it again ...
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    Sorry, I was just in a sarcastic mood. I have never understood the fascination with IM. I have to use it at work, and it's nothing but a distraction to keep me from getting work done.
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    It's mostly not about IM, it's this _proprietary_ IM crap nonsense. There are how many implementations out there? eBuddyXMS, WhatsApp, PingMe, ...? Why not just use plain XMPP and a true cross-platform messenger? A service / protocol that is not controlled by a single-instance that could screw you over either by stealing your data, charging you after the first year, or can switch off the service at any time? Which has the benefit of allowing access for _any_ device / OS ("choose YOUR device according to your liking, not choose your device according to the service you would deem required"), with multiple organizations providing free services /roster servers.

    "Oh wait, my friends use BlackBerry for messaging - i have to get one"
    "Oh wait, my friends use WhatsApp, so i have to do too"
    (for some others, i have to keep my eBuddy account too)
    "Oh wait, now their hip thingie is PingMe - i've to switch too, to keep me in the loop!"

    **** it. Seriously.
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    @Grabber5.0 ..well nobody is having any fascination with IM ( atleast not me ) ..we just dont have any cross platform messaging app ..lot of people love communicating via sms and yes sharing pics n all some odd times will be really great feature to have ..i know we can do that via email but that is totally different experience altogether...

    @don_falcone .you rant for proprietary_ IM crap may be right ..but if you know some workaround as you mentioned with XAMPP ...we all will be really more than thankful to you if you can do some post with step by step guide to do that in our webOS devices...
    and i guess nobody will get distracted every once in a while with these cross platform messaging app threads popping up in the forum
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