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    Okay, honestly I use pirated applications, for a reason. I can't buy it using app catalogue cos there's no way for me to pay for it in China. There is already very limited number of apps for touchpad, so I choose to use pirated apps. I will pay for the apps once I get a US credit card and I love my TP.

    When there is an updated version of an app in the catalog, a notification icon will appear in the upper right corner. I have to manually close it every time. Is there a way to just disable it?
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    Yes, legally buy the app. There's ways around the geographic restrictions of the app catalog that prevents you from purchasing apps.
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    more so if this is a need for you, then install android and get all the apps you need for free. Pirating new apps from a dying device doesn't help our chances of getting any new developers and makes the current devs not want to put in the work for no return.

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