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    I have a number of online magazine subscriptions. When I view articles from these magazines on my laptop, I usually print the articles in PDF format and save them for later reading. At any time I may have any number of these piled up and because they are saved to the hard drive, I can read them anywhere without the need for wi fi access. Frequently, the publishers will provide a helpful "printer friendly" command, which will format the article in fewer pages with less distractions and in more readable form.

    Is this possible with the touchpad? I have a couple of these magazine through Zinio and there is a pdf printer. But if it's just a standard web page, is there some way to save the article for later reading? I'm not locked into PDF format, but I suspect that is the only way this is going to work.

    Any advice will be much appreciated.

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    Maybe someone with more expertise than I can answer this but I did notice that Zinio is saving my magazines for offline reading.
    I did not see a place to print out in Zinio TouchPad.

    For saving webpages, you can try Instapaper service (PaperMache app) or ReaditLater (there are a few apps for this one). There are patches in preware which will add links to the browser which you can click to save an article to Instapaper or ReaditLater. Sometimes I get the article text and sometimes I just get webpage links.

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