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    so it looks like the makers of draw something are willing to make a webOS version of draw something if we get people to participate that we want it. I asked them here.

    Just +1 what I said and soon enough we can get draw something for our favorite tablet!

    **Someone please make this on the home page and make it an article on webosnation, so more people can see it to raise awareness!***
    thanks Derek ^

    anyone want to try to get HP, PhoneDog or Engadget to help! I have already made a forum at webOS roundup.
    I have it. on CM9
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    We're now up to 395 +1s. It got there fast but it seems to have petered out. How many people sent off an email to OMGPOP or Zynga? I'm wondering if anyone got a reply because I haven't.

    I feel like the best chance we have of getting this app is by convincing OMGPOP (Zynga) to run a kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of porting the app to webOS. If the community pledges enough money then the app gets made, if not then Zynga can go ahead and continue to ignore webOS like it has been doing.
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    Yes Please!!! I would be willing to pay in advance as a good faith donation too. If someone thinks this is a good idea too, then start a donation link and I'm there.
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    we're at 400, the Blackberry playbook has over 700! we need to keep rallying!
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    If you haven't +1 on the above link, please do so.

    I'm really hoping this happens.
    You plug your phone in?
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    +3 as there are three touch pads in the household.
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