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    8tracks is A very cool music streaming site & GMTesta made a couple of very nice apps for it. They are now broken. Anyone interested in fixing them up? A touchpad version would be cool also. Here is his email response to my query:


    I lost a bunch of updated code with a glitch in the ares IDE and then 8tracks changed their API.*

    I have old versions on my Github which anyone can download and update.

    I hope to get back to it one day but right now I have a ton on my plate.

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    Glad you posted this. It will prevent me from sending an email to the developer, who has already offered up the information.

    I am not a developer, but am learning, so I did grab an API key today from 8tracks. I also grabbed one from another service called Trello (not music related). Point being, I'm going to push the meetup team in Indy to work on these. As much as it would be nice to fix up code in the current apps, I'd rather get our team working on a new version using EnyoJS & make it compatible & scaleable for most devices.

    No promises, but we are going to at least take a look at it & see what is possible.


    In or within a day's drive of Indy? Join one of our meetups!

    Twitter: @INDYwebOSMeetup @steffej3
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    cool thank you. The other thing I noticed, though, is that now the full site works in my pre- browser! Maybe that means they switched to html5?
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    still would be great if someone could get the old app working on 1.4.5 again...
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    Remi from 8tracks told me about this forum entry and I decided to check it out.

    I'm sorry 8tracks isn't working currently. The code changes required to fix both versions aren't that extensive and I will have some time off from my school and work next week to try and fix this for you guys.

    I also will be updated the source code in the repo with some changes.

    If you want to checkout my other app Ffffound! for webOS phones and Ffffound! For Touchpad in the mean time, it should hold you over. It's like 8tracks, but for images.

    I've sold a grad total of 14 for the phone app and 60 for the tablet, yet 8tracks has 10,000.... Food for thought.

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    sell 8tracks for 99c
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    I'll have to buy fffound not just b/c it looks cool but out of gratitude for 8tracks. I did play with the beta a while back
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    I just submitted an update.

    The original 8tracks program should be working now.

    V2 is still broken and i'll get to it at some point.

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    update available! Works again! Thank you so much.
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    may I ask, how about a patch to make it fullscreen on touchpad? Or would you Give permission if someone else was willing to make one?
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    the code is all available on my github. Anyone who wants to use it should go for it.

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