I'm very happy that Wifi Media Sync is available for Mac OS X now too, thank you for the continued development. Unfortunately I'm not able to get it running.

I start Wifi Media Sync Beta (wifimediasync 0.53 (1) ) on my System with Mac OS X 10.6.8, password is set, IP is shown, a sync folder is selected and my device is shown too, then I start it on my Pre 3 (3.2.0) and tap "Connect" and it opens the sync screen, "Sync Now" and "Browse Pending Files" are disabled.

If I enter a wrong/different password on one of both sides, I get a "Wrong Password" message.

After a successfull login I'm tapping on "Check For New Files", what gives me an "Database refreshed ...".

Tapping on "Upload Files" brings me to the "Upload Options".

A tap on "Scan New Files Pics And Videos" shows a "...Please Wait..." for a second or so, then it creates an error: "{"errorId":"10001","errorMessage":"Incorrect Passward"}" and stays in the syncing screen.

Tapping on "Scan For New Files" also opens the sync screen shows "...Please Wait...", but short time later the circle stops to turn and at least for 10 min nothing happens anymore.

Finally tapping on "Manually Select Files", seems to have success, I add a file (photo or video), tap on "Upload Files Now!", it says "Syncing to your PC", the progressbar moves and finaly I get "Sync Complete!" and "1 Files were successfully synced to your PC!".

That sounds good, the firewall on my Mac allows incoming connections for "Wifi Media Sync", selecting a bigger video even shows me incoming traffic in Mac OS, but unfortunately I can not find the file anywhere on the Mac.

I tried it with Spotlight and with "find" as root:
# find / -name "CIMG0340.mp4"
# find / -name "CIMG0340.MP4"
# find / -name "cimg0340.mp4"

Any idea what is going wrong here?

Thanks a lot for your support,

kind regards,