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    I just want to show you Headlines2. A RSS Feed and News Reader for the Touchpad.

    While the app hasn't got the attention since it's released I would like to introduce it here as well and would highlight the main features. So if you have a minute or two, read on :-)

    Like the first version of Headlines for Phones, you can add as many Google News topics and custom searches as you want. The articles are presented in an optimized way with highly payed attention to readability.
    Headlines2 get's one step further (well, maybe two or three) you can add your favorite RSS Feeds as well to the app. Read status is managed and also reading in offline mode when your on a trip.

    The well known sharing options from Headlines(1) are also available in the new version but better integrated into the app, tweet directly from within the app without leaving the current article or list view. You can also of course mail, copy articles you've found. With the next version 2.0.3 which should be available in the coming days blogging to Tumblr and BufferApp is also possible. Facebook, of course! Also neato! be Zhephree is supported.
    There are loads of more sharing options and bookmarking services included. Do I need to mention Instapaper and ReadItLater direct support?

    Headlines homepage
    Latest news for version 2.0.3

    The app was featured as a special app from HP during christmas holiday and was also a noteworthy app in January 2012 HP app news letter. But the attention here on webOS Nation was low, so I hope I can change this a bit in that way.

    Note: It's NOT a Google Reader client and maybe never will be.

    Currently I get some question about continue the development of webOS apps, and of course I still develop and maintain my available apps. As long as I love webOS I'll develop for it. Only because HP had stopped producing devices doesn't mean that from this day the devices stopped working. So be sure to get also support in the future.

    If you have any questions, bug reports or feature requests feel free to leave a post here or contact me via Twitter @codingbees.
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    I agree it's a great app and I'm using it regularly.
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    CodingBees does a great job on responding to users as well as pushing out updates with new features. Browsing between articles by swiping up/down is awesome!

    -- Sent from my TouchPad using Communities
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    I loved Headlines 1, I'll have to check out 2 soon. If you can cram H2's functionality into a phone version that'd be great too
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    this is currently one of my most used apps. I am a big fan of the way it displays content and offers readability display, mobilizer, etc.

    For some reason, i can't get it to download content on a schedule though..... probably my fault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Courousant View Post
    For some reason, i can't get it to download content on a schedule though..... probably my fault.
    Let me check this.
    Have you enabled the interval in the settings, if yes, which interval you have selected?
    Had it worked once or never for you?
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    I won this in the giveaway. I just had to post and say this is a great app. nicely laid out. It covers top news, regional, and I can get all my webOS news with just a touch. And that's just out of the box, without even customizing it! I really recommend this app.
    I searched out this thread becasue I didn't see it listed in your Thecodingbees section.
    You plug your phone in?
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    I'll add a for Headlines2 Brilliant little ap, plus I like how you can add a rss feed from a website without knowing what the url is ie. just type (no pun intended lol) "Uncrate" and it will automatically add the rss feed url for the Uncrate website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woosh View Post
    I searched out this thread becasue I didn't see it listed in your Thecodingbees section.
    Yay, I thought I put that thread in a little bit more prominent forum to get some attention. But as you see the app itself is sadly still not well known by the community.

    Thanks for your kind words. If you like please leave a r review in the app catalog also. Maybe that helps other who decide to buy or not buy the app.
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    This is a great app.I love how it displays news in the single windows, feels very natural reading rss.I think with few improvements this app could become the best rss for webos.
    I already contacted the developer about some of them, but i thought to post them here to know what other people think:

    - Offline Pictures
    I use HL2 mainly on the train on my way to work and many financial feeds i read contain several stocks graphs, which are as important as the feed itself. This would require HL2 to store pictures locally to be accessed offline, but in my opinion would be a killer feature.

    - Retention policy
    Here my view is to set a limit of feeds to store (from few days to 1 week top).Starred feeds may be kept longer (maybe forever)

    - Remove articles
    Each article within a feed may have a delete option: once i have read the article, i can delete it or wait for the retention policy to trigger.

    - Disable URLs when offline
    It happened many times that i scroll one article and by istake i select one url, which opens a browser window.When offline, this would not be od any help.So the idea to set a flag like "disable browser open url when offline".
    so no more unneeded pop-ups.

    - Zoom pictures in the article
    It could be great to be able to zoom a picture (a financial chart for example) using another pop-up, without opening an external tool (internalz, for example) to do that.It would feel more natural.

    What do you think?

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    i use both headlines 2 and nom nom nom on a daily basis. Both great apps, easy to navigate and read & share articles. must have apps for anyone with a touchpad.
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    I found out what's missing: It's the Google Feed API. On top of the site is a message: "This API is officially deprecated and will stop working after December 15th, 2016". In fact it worked a few days longer
    This API is used to convert RSS-data into JSON or XML. I already tried to build a patch and use rss2json instead. I managed to make registering new feeds again. But when coming to fetch new messages of the feeds I didn't succeed.
    The problem is that the service FeedProcessor.j.s that is stored in /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/services/co.codingbees.headlines2.service/ is using a command
    url += "&output=xml";
    . rss2json unfortunately doesn't seem to have the option to deliver xml.
    Possible solution is to find another service that can deliver RSS-data in the formats json and xml. Or programming the parsing of the feed data completely new... - beats me
    I think this will take too much time and work for possibly only one user. So I will probably switch back to RSS Basic Free.
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    As I understand it, XML is the standard format for RSS, so it doesn't make sense to me to try to convert the response to JSON with rss2json and then back to XML. JSON is much easier to deal with in Javascript. Not ever having looked at the source code for this app, I can't say what it's doing our how much work it would take to process the feed on JSON format.
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    Good point
    Ok. I read the documentation several times now and have to admit that I don't understand what exactly happens, when the option "output=xml" is used (too many technical terms in a foreign language for me)

    The documentation says:
    xml returns Only the xmlString property, and does not return the JSON representation of the feed. The xmlString property contains the XML representation of the feed in string form.
    Another hint in the documents is here:
    If you request the google.feeds.Feed.XML_FORMAT result format, the API places the xmlDocument attribute in the feed result. This attribute is the fully parsed XML Document node for the feed. It corresponds to the xml value for the output argument in JSON. You can access the document using the XML functionality built into browsers (e.g., getElementsByTagName).
    Maybe there is a chance to continue, if I find somewhere an example of this API usage to see what the response looks like.
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    If I can get the IPK, I'll take a peek and see what I can figure out. Is this the Touchpad version or the phone version?
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    You can get the ipk from Alan's webOS App Rescue Effort in the folder webOS Apps/Catalog Pull with the number 1000234.
    In the sharing settings I deactivated all Social Networks, Read Later Services and Bookmarking Services. Also I deactivated all News Topics and Custom Feeds because I don't need them and because I don't know if they will cause problems.
    To be able to search new RSS Feeds you can use a patch that is replacing the Google API with rss2json (see below).

    In my opinion the error happens somewhere at line 130 of /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/source/libs/FeedProcessor.j.s caused by the commands in /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/services/com.codingbees.headlines2.service/FeedProcessor.j.s. There in line 10 you will find the command url += "&output=xml";

    Thenk you very much in advance, but don't waste too much time on this I think I will have time for another try a the weekend.
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    hi, some progress on Headline2 II new API? Thanks.
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    I tried to make it work at the weekend of 28th and 29th of January, but I finally gave up...
    It was too hard for me to understand, what is happening beginning in line 56 of FeedProcessor.j.s
    parser.on('article', function(article){
    No matter what I tried, I got not one value for the article properties.
    It seems like node-feedparser is used for this. But I have no clue how the input value looked like so that there was a valid output value.

    Sorry - no chance for me...
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    Too bad, thanks for your trying.

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