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    I have an interesting issue. The TouchPad I use at work has both Quickoffice and Smart Office on it. When I use Quickoffice, the file listing still shows a listing from months ago. Many of the files it has on the list are deleted, and it won't show new ones, mostly (occasionally one will show). It appears this list is based on some cached list or something. In any case, I would, obviously, like for this issue to go away, preferably without having to doctor the device.

    Any one have any thoughts? Seen this before?
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    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
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    No, not yet. I'll give that a try today. It will be a real pain, though, if is continues to happen and needs to be reinstalled with any frequency.
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    Interestingly enough, after pulling my files off, restarting, then putting the files back on, the problem seems to be solved, at least for now. Still curious as to why this occurred. This is another one of those pesky issues that makes the experience feel less polished than it should be.

    By the way, you can't uninstall the app, at least not through the Software manager, so doing this would require going beyond the normal app removal process.

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