TouchFeeds, a Google Reader app previously available only on the Touchpad, is now available on the Pre 2 and Pre 3 running 2.2.4 (you can get it on 2.2.0 and up, but only recommended for 2.2.4). TouchFeeds is also now available on the Chrome Web Store as a chrome app. If you've never tried TouchFeeds and never tried chrome apps, this offer is for you.

I'm offering a promo code for TouchFeeds on webOS to anyone who buys TouchFeeds on the Chrome Web Store. This one promo code will get you TouchFeeds on all devices, so if you have a Touchpad and a Pre 2 or Pre 3, you will be able to use the app on both devices.

To get the promo code, buy the app on the Chrome Web Store, then simply provide your email at the TouchFeeds website. I'll send you a promo code once I confirm your purchase. I have US promo codes available right now, but if you're in another country that has paid app access to the app catalog, you will have to wait a little longer while I get promo codes for those countries. Promo codes take one day from when they are generated to when they are valid.

Here is the homepage for TouchFeeds: TouchFeeds
Here is the page for the TouchFeeds promo: TouchFeeds Promo