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    please make a Barnes and noble app!

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    While everyone will like to have an Barnes and Noble app store, within the HP Catalog. Unfortunately, that will not happen in the near future(sorry to break your heart). The WebOS platform looks to have been forgotten by large and small corporations who built apps for the popular iPad. So if you would like to have that app, sell your touchpad and get another tablet.....Sadly to say.
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    It's probably also worth highlighting that Barnes & Noble have the Nook Color and Nook Tablet devices, so they're in the business of selling their own hardware now too.
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    books converted to mobi (google calibre software for mac or windows) can be read on the kindle app
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    I have used Calibre on my computer to convert books and opened them in Kindle on my TP and it works great. I have not tried with Nook books, though, just epub. I find the book prices to be pretty much the same price through the different vendors, so really Kindle can be used for buying books the same as B&N.

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