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    I am using IMAP email. My recently acquired Touchpad seems to randomly not 'see' some emails in the server Inbox.

    I'm running Thunderbird on my desktop and also access email from a Palm TX. Both of these 'see' all the emails in the inbox.

    Also, the Touchpad doesn't 'see' emails that have been moved to other server folders by either of the other 2 clients mentioned.

    I've tried to find some common features in emails that are seen by the Touchpad and those that are not, without success.

    The result is that my Touchpad is virtually useless for a key application.

    I'd really appreiate any ideas for a solution.
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    With my dovecot IMAP server I don't see any issues. On the mail client, webos only keeps in sync those that are marked (the star is highlighted). Otherwise, it will sync only when you request to see what's in the folder.

    What do you have the sync setting set to? If you do a manual sync, do you get the right information?

    The only thing I wish the webos mail client would do is to recognize that a message has been deleted from another client so the notification and mail state gets updated. It's a bit annoying to require a swipe on both my pre 3 and touchpad to stop the flashing LED when I delete a message in thunderbird.
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    Thanks for the comments.

    I'm using 1and1 here in the UK as the IMAP service. I have sync set to manual and the Touchpad email client set to show all messages. When I sync to the Inbox I don't get all the messages and there seems to be no pattern as to the ones that don't show up!

    There's no problem on the Palm TX.


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