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    There is a freeware available in the App Catalog for the webOS 2.1.0, but I can't download it from the App Catalog as I have the webOS 2.1.0 installed on Palm Pre Plus (AT&T) and I have no access to the webOS 2.1.0 apps, so can anyone help me and give the download link for the Voice Recorder v1.0.2?

    App: Voice Recorder v1.0.2 for the webOS 2.1.0
    App Catalog link: developer(dot)palm(dot)com/appredirect/?
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    Use at your own risk but but you can install Apptuckerbox from Preware which will allow you to install any app from the catalog as long as it's free or was previously purchased.
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    email me ryhor at I am the developer
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    Thanks for help.
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    Hi. Wondering if voice recorder can be made available after HP catalog shuts down?

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    I'd suggest using the offered email - there's no guarantee the developers still visit this forum.
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    Hi all,

    i have a problem with voice recorder. it was working great for years untill i installed the update from app catalog in january. it's not recording or saving files anymore. i reinstalled several times. the voice recording folder still exists and work. i tried it with voice memo , similar app. same problem.

    can someone help me? any idea?

    i contacted the developer but he cannot help me ... out of business .... maybe someone here can do?

    Thanks in advance and
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    Maybe someone have Version 1.0.0 ?

    That would help me a lot!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by schmunzel1234 View Post
    Maybe someone have Version 1.0.0 ?

    That would help me a lot!!!
    If we speak of the recorder vocare free catalog I ipk ( de.tamspalm.voicerecorder.app_1.0.2_all.ipk ) I do not know if I can send in some way let me know
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    this de.tamspalm.voicerecorder.app_1.0.2_all.ipk is not working on my phone.

    only version 1.0.0 is working.

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