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    just got tower wars 2, isnt 1/2 bad tbh, good time waster, better than the first version as in you cant autowin by just depleting the opponents resouce income to zero.

    nm, thsi version looked pdk'ish so tried installing it on pre3 with apptuckerbox, has worked with many oher pdk games, and again it does here, it runs fine, but suffers the same as the likes of gun brothers and bug village/many more as in it runs perfectly fine but the orientation is th wrong way.

    kinda hoping the dev may see thsi here or my leftover comments and try and add in some kinda tpad/phone detection magic so when running on the pre3 is rotates sideways.

    heres some snaps of it squished but running perfectly fine.
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    heres some other random pdk apps with the same issue, run fine but wrong way round, any garbaged gfx in snaps btw was due to the actual screenshotting rather than the app goin crazy.

    ive also ran many others than again ran fine just didnt scale to fit.
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    works perfecly on my pre3 now after the last app-cat update, looks good with correct orientation, n1, you can probably change the App Catalogue's COMPATIBLE list to include the Pre3 at least, maybe owners of a Pre2/etc could also see if it works on other model phones now (buy with your touchpad and apptuckerbox over to your phone).
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