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    Some photos I have placed into the photo app appear only as very small abstract squares, and cause the gallery to "blink" all the time. . .If I pick the photo next to one of these squares, I can then swipe the photo into view just fine. Any one else have this, and perhaps a solution to it?
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    I have this same problem. The few visible photos jump from location to location. This is only for the download folder. No solution yet.

    I'm also having trouble moving photos to a newly created album.
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    Could this be an issue of file format ? look for" show file names" in Tweaks under photos I think that this needs to be enabled by a patch or an app called show filenames. also try downloading your own photos from your own account. Also examine photos in your Touchpad on your computer and on TP via Internalz Pro, also see how photos behave in an editor such as Photo effects or slide viewer such as Slide Master. I know some websites will not allow you to download their pictures or do do at a price via an unwanted file or cookie of some kind. I avoid this by doing screen captures -on TP hit home/light bar and power simultaneously, an animation of a circular flash will go off, this lets you know the capture has been taken. Actually try screen captures because they're TP native and see how they behave. I know from experience that all jpegs should act alike but they don't ,this is determined by the camera manufacturer. I had a Nikon that my computer always read my photos as taken in 2029,even though I set the date correctly. no mater what I did I couldn't correct it I gave up and had to live with it. I've always have been frustrated by the way the TP organizes photos by date and file rather than my desired order ,even if I reorganize the on my computer they revert to TP ordering system, At any rate . Try TP screen captures, jpegs from different cameras at different resolutions taken by you and know that downloads can be wild cards. See what happens . Just some thoughts. So frustrating as TP has great IPS Screen !
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