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    Has anyone else had this problem? It worked perfectly fine on my Pre3 until I updated to 2.2.4. Now it doesn't open. I tried deleting and reinstalling but it never helped.
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    I have just tried it now (on my Preł running 2.2.4 for quite a while) - it is working perfectly.
    Preł (iPhone 4), TouchPad 32 GB (PlayBook 16 GB)
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    Wonder if you hit the fstab bug... Think if you delete it and let it redownload it'll fix it.

    But I bought Reflect after 2.2.4, and I'm almost done with it.
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    works on my pre3. updated, patched and whatnot. no issues at all
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    It works on my pre3 Vzw. You may want to reboot your pre3 to see if that fixes the issue.

    Good Luck.

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