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    EDIT: Testers are no longer needed. Thanks for testing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    My app, TouchFeeds, is a Google Reader app currently in the App Catalog. I've been doing a lot of work on it, and need some testers to make sure it is ready. A few details:

    The app will be made available to users of webOS phones running webOS 2.2.4, the latest update made available for the Pre 2 and Pre 3. I really need people to test on the Pre 3.

    Additionally, due to HP open-sourcing Enyo, this app will also be made available on the Chrome Web Store. I'd also like to get a few people testing the app on Chrome too. Now, unlike with webOS, the Chrome Web Store does not have promo codes. So anyone testing will have to pay for the app. However, I will immediately refund anyone testing (this will also be a test of how refunds work for the Chrome Web Store).

    If you would like to test the app on the Chrome Web Store, there's a Google Group you must join that will give you access to the app. When you join the group and are approved, you'll find a link to the app which you can download. I'll check at least once daily to see if any purchases have been made and refund them, but if you want a refund immediately, just add a post to the Refunds discussion. The URL to the Google Group is:

    If you would like to test the app on your TouchPad and especially on your phone, drop me a private message here.

    Please note: I probably won't accept more than 10 testers each on Chrome and on devices, so please understand if I have enough testers. Also, if you're testing please provide feedback.
    Just applied for the membership at the Google group. I also just installed TouchFeeds 1.3.0 on my TouchPad (via the Preware feed from initial beta testing). I like the dark theme (can't remember if it was present in 1.2.3) and how the app is much faster now with only 2 alternating panes (instead of the 3 gliding panes in 1.2.3).

    Where there any other changes I should test out?
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    OK to test on Veer and Pre2, just let me know.
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    If you've already tested, make sure to try TouchFeeds Beta now instead of TouchFeeds in the Preware feed. Also, remember that you will have to pay for the app if you're testing on Chrome, but I will refund you the charge.

    Thanks for testing! I should be ready to upload the update to the app catalog on Monday, and when it goes live in the catalog it will also go live on the Chrome Web Store. I'm considering some cross-promotional opportunities for getting the app for free on either platform if you already have it on one platform, so stay tuned.
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    Not seeing in the beta feed on Pre 3

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    Send me a private message.
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    Anyone who was testing, I just posted another beta update. Barring any last-minute issues this will be the last beta update, and the full update should be submitted for review either tomorrow or Wednesday.
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    Just upgraded to 1.3 on TP and Pre3. On both I cannot get a list of articles to appear. The list of feeds shows up fine. Once I click a feed the wheel spins, but that's it.

    Any ideas?
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    An update for that problem has been submitted. It should go up in the catalog soon.

    Also, I do not need anymore testers. Thanks to everyone who tested!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    An update for that problem has been submitted. It should go up in the catalog soon.
    Got the update, works now. Thx.

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