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    I am looking to record service/maintenance done on different vehicles. Any suggestions?

    I looked through the catalog, Preware w/tuckerbox, and webOS Nation's app search. The only thing that I found was TealAuto, which I wasn't thrilled with on PalmOS and only runs on 1.4.5. I hope that I missed something. Please tell me that I missed something.

    I have been on webOS for a couple of years now and still have to use Classic with a PalmOS app for this.
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    See if you can look for Fuel. It doesn't work fully with Pre 3 though (graphs are messed up), others work fine. Had it on both my Veer and Pre (Plus).
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    Given the lack of alternatives.. I recommend a spreadsheet if you have the editing version of the QuickOffice or Picsel SmartOffice. I tracked my mileage that way for years on Windows Mobile (though Pocket Excel blows away either package available for webOS). Mileage Monitor Plus is the best mileage tracker I've found for webOS, but the maintenance portion could use some work.

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