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    Hello. I am looking for a program that will calculate how much money I will have on any certain day in the future?

    So lets say I put in my account balance. Type in all my future paychecks. Then type in all my future bills that I can expect. Pick any day of the month or future months say March 20th 2012. It will then give me an estimated balance for that date. As I will have monthly bills that will change these numbers are estimated and will change as I input the correct bill/paycheck amounts as they come in and the program will recalculate.

    I would need the ability to have multiple Accounts, So I could have one for savings, Checking, Credit cards, Loans, Car Loan RRSP, and others.
    This will help me know how much money I will have say next week or the week after for groceries. Maybe this week I shouldn't buy as much cause the following week I will have a lot more spare cash to spend.

    This will help me make good decisions week to week on what to buy and how long roughly it will take to say for bigger purchase (like a new touchpad and pre 3)

    If there isn't an app like this in webOS, could someone help me find one on the PC?

    Hope I made sense.
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    Greg, I'm not aware of an app that will do this, but I think a spreadsheet is the easiest way to achieve what you want. I have different pages for each of my bank accounts and credit cards, and these feed into a forecast page that contains future expected income and payments.

    I set it up using Excel on the PC, then I set up a sync with Dropbox so I can make 'on the go' edits with SmartOffice on my Touchpad and Pre3.
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    I have found many apps that work for windows/mac ios. Which makes me really sad. Lol. I guess I will just use windows programs.

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