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    Does anyone know of a simple database/index card type application that works well?
    I would like it to work for 2 things:
    1) recipe writing. I'd like to be able to make searchable ingredient lists, log changes and be able to import data into a spreadsheet to be able to analyze how variations change the outcome.
    2) boring work related configurations. Basically the same criteria as above, but would also like to be able to export in a file format that I could bring into a windows program.

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    Don't think there is much in the way of database software out there for mobile, as most software packages need more RAM than 1GB.

    I work on databases for a living, and running MS Access 2007 takes quite a bit...they want you to have around 2GB, and I heard MS Access 2010 finally will take advantage of up to 8GB! WOOT! FINALLY!

    Granted, what you are needing to do probably would not need 2GB to run, but I dont think the software would run smoothly nonetheless. My only suggestion at this time is to use SplashTop Remote Desktop, and use your MS Access software from your PC.

    Someone please chime in if they know of a better solution.

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    Check out Data Manager. It may be able to do what you are asking for.
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    The device natively uses sqlite for its own stuff. Most apps are just front ends to that type of thing.
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