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    I am a heavy One Note PC user and would LOVE to see the capability to use it on the WebOS platform. Both for Pre2 and Touchpad.

    Microsoft OneNote Now Available for Android | PCWorld Business Center

    It appears someone even started the venture.

    OneNote on iPhone and Palm Pré using Windows Azure - CodeProject®
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    Since the OneNote for Palm Pre article is dated Dec 2009, chances are it's using an antiquated version of the webOS SDK
    Sure, but that incredible article is much more than a single implementation: It gives through explanations about how it all works, so you can implement it with whatever system you have.

    having to craft a .NET application and host it just for a single user isn't exactly an easy glide path, either.
    That's what put me off in the beginning, and actually drove my curiosity towards a full read: That local "Rino" application is needed because OneNote keeps local data in the computer is installed. I fI got it right, all Rino does is upload it to a cloud service (Microsoft's own Azure is the most natural choice). Then you can build a mobile app that uses it.

    Like the article said (and I'd agree), that's definitely just a proof of concept and nothing sustainable. Nice work on his part, though.
    Nice great job, I'd say! See? We could have all the apps we want, it's just that we are short on developers. Or better say, we have incredible developers, but they are already very busy!

    Can I mention again the "bounty system" subject?
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