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    Which one do you like as we have some new players?
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    Currently using Project Macaw for both my Veer and TouchPad. A nice refresher of phnx for the Veer and really like it for the TouchPad.

    Automatically breaks, if you want it to, long tweets so you don't have to worry about 140 character limit, and has predictive text, if enabled, with auto-correct.
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    I'm using Project Macaw as well. Would love to use Graphite, but I'm awaiting a looooooong overdue update that allows you to scroll to the top with one click. Without that is pretty user-unfriendly.
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    I've actually been using the site and it's been very good. Lets me arrange columns and put my lists where I want them. I like Macaw... it's installed and is really close, but I don't like how it handles lists. I'd rather have them available to display as a column without popping up a new card.
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    Touchpad : Graphite
    Pre3 : Project Macaw
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    In project Macaw (phnx) anyone noticed this... If you look up user the second column breaks and transforms into a smaller confined space for tweets ( also 'in mentions' if you cancel the user profile after checking through lookup user)
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    Spaz (TouchPad and Pre3). I have also tried Project Macaw (might replace Spaz) and TweetPad. I haven't had time/money to try all Twitter apps. There're too many with a good rating.
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    Project Macaw for my TP. I love the notifications when I don't have the app open.
    For the mobile phones I believe Carbon is the best.
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    Phnx/ProjectMacaw on my Palm Pre Plus, Veer and TouchPad. Also use TweetPad from tim to time on the TP, but Phnx/ProjectMacaw are my favourite. I would buy other twitter clients for the only reason of supporting developers (carbon, graphite, etc...) once the HP Catalog accepts pay-pal or gets "global".
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    Phnx/ProjectMacaw on my PRE2
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    There's not a single Twitter client that I like for webOS, or for that matter, any other platform. Spaz HD is kind of close to what TweetDeck was before they royally screwed up TweetDeck (just TRY to find your way through it now.. what a mess) .. all in all, until someone makes one that allows me to make a column with a group of stuff in it, and remove that group of stuff from my timeline, then .. well.. they all are kind of terrible.

    I can't even figure out how to operate most of the phone ones.

    Maybe I'm just too dumb for Twitter.
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    Graphite for sure on the Touchpad. On the Pre 3 I use Carbon, though phnx is quite good for a free app (it just eats battery, at least on my Pre 3 which is the reason I use Carbon now).

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