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    Thanks for your posts, and sorry about the hostile bit. Negative would have been a much better word. I clearly didn't know the webOS ecosystem as well as I thought. I think appsotutely hit the nail on the head on his quote
    My belief is that you've underestimated the cost of support (the kind that takes time to appropriately answer a customer's questions, as opposed to one that simply points to a poorly written user manual) while overestimating the generosity of your fellow webOS users to make donations.
    It's probably because I've used only open source software for years now and the model seems to work there.

    So I guess my idea wasn't as good as I thought it was - but hey, the easiest way to learn is to realize you're wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    1. Developer decides to go along with this idea of giving out the application to international users for free (or even for donations).

    2. Application IPK file finds itself all over the Internet for free (again) because one bad apple decided to be an
    OK, how is this different from the paid app finding itself all over the Internet?

    the fact remains that given the current situation, a developer is still opening him or herself to wholesale piracy by giving out the IPK files themselves. Which is even worse than the current situation, unfortunately, because pirates right now actually have to put a little work into extracting the IPK instead of having it handed to them.
    So actually there would be only little difference to the current situation, if the IPK files are already loose on the net.

    And what happens when there's a significant update? Is the pressure put on the developer to then create a place for everyone that donated to download the update? That's just asking for even more trouble as links are passed around even easier than the application package itself.
    Um, the update is posted on the paid store and the international store, and people get it from there? I don't see the problem.

    Reality Check: You knowingly, if you did your research, bought into a platform that restricted you from the best apps on the platform, so you kind of have to accept that knowing that's exactly what you bought into. If you didn't, you should have researched beforehand as this was old news going back to early 2010.
    Reality Check: It's easy to do research on a problem you know. It's a lot harder to do research if you don't know you'll be in trouble. I found out the situation after I'd activated my phone, and realized there's nothing that can be done. And as I understand, I'm not the only one.

    Either way, you can't go asking developers to bend over backwards to make you happy knowing this is a predicament you put yourself in by going with webOS.
    Who's asking anyone to bend over? I was making a suggestion that I thought would help everyone, but as it was discussed, I found out that it isn't that simple and agreed that it isn't a viable solution.

    No hostility or negativity involved here, just objective facts.
    You might want to reread your text.

    I was trying to keep the piracy issue out of this, because it's a polarizing topic, but the main reason I originally posted about this was to avoid piracy. I've been using Linux and open source software for years, but now HP is forcing me to a situation where pirating software would be the only option, and it really sucks.
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    Don't rely on HP to do anything
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