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    Hi, there is any way to make the mail apps to manage 2 accounts separatelly, so two people can watch proper account?

    Also use a password to protect it can be good
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    A) Use the browser.
    B) Get another TouchPad.

    That's pretty much your only options.
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    There is no way to have privacy if you use the e-mail app. sledge007 is right with your options there. Most mail does have web access. Just set up "bookmark" links in your launcher to your online mail login.

    If you are willing to risk privacy you can set up multiple email accounts in the email app. Under preferences, turn off the "All Inboxes". Then just read the account that is yours. When you send mail, make sure that you select the correct account.

    I have my TP accessing a bunch of my accounts and while we were traveling my husband ended up using it as well (he had a major oops). Since we know all of each others passwords anyway, neither of us were concerned about privacy.
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    it's only because this week i have taken as gift for my girlfriend a airplane ticket to Rome (I'm Italian) with theater ticket, and the travel company sends me confirmation via mail so the surprise was in danger if my girlfriend used the tablet.

    Fortunatelly this isn't hapened so all goes fine, but for future birthdays I must create another email account and don't link it in Touchpad...

    however many thanks!!

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