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    My brother just got a Touchpad for testing as part of his job. What do you think are the best apps I can reccomend for him?
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    Glimpse and Graphite are two of my favorites.
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    in regards to?

    get anything everything by @ingloriousApps

    fast entry
    preware homebrew docs
    music remix
    personal finance calc
    shortcut launcher

    There are lots more but dunno what he's looking for
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    Quote Originally Posted by romeytang View Post
    My brother just got a Touchpad for testing as part of his job. What do you think are the best apps I can reccomend for him?
    For serious multitasking work: Glimpse;
    For fun: Angry Birds

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    Cool job, what does he do?

    Front page story on an app that seems to launch a bunch of apps at once.
    I like Mccaw.
    Been trying to get the plex app to work (its in beta) but can't quite get my mac to talk to the touchpad.
    There are a few apps--neato and datajog--that allow you to pass info from the computer to the mobile webos devices and vice versa (notes, urls, contacts etc)
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    Damn I thought I listed starter.. Its an awesome app!

    -- Sent from my TouchPad using Communities
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    Some of my favs already, a few more and sure there are more I'm not thinking of...

    Pandora, I know but it's nice to have.
    Remote Desktop Client, for it's convenience even though my laptop versions are better.
    SimpleClock, simple straightforward alarm clock and weather.
    Nuttypad, still in beta, so if ever finalized.
    Seahorss deals.
    Quell, Quell Reflect (sequel), there is a free version to try out.

    Preware, including:
    Internalz Pro
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    Sparkle HD! Oh wait, this is for work. Bad idea.
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    Lots to like. I have 27 HP Catalog Apps bookmarked to try, in addition to the list below. I would be more inclined to purchase these 27 apps if the fate of webOS was more certain or if there was a refund mechanism, as in the android catalog, so I could keep only the very best apps.

    HP App Catalog:
    -Gemini File Manager
    -Audubon Guides (I have trees & birds)
    -stock email app
    -splashtop remote
    -stock browser (since 3.0.5 with some patches for responsiveness and better control)
    -PodCatcher Deluxe
    -TuneIn Radio
    -BHomePro (use it with mediatomb and xbmc)
    -Headlines 2
    -apps that provide controls in the stock notification area

    -Xecutah, Xserver, UbuntuChroot
    -Govnah (uberkernel)
    -Theme Manager
    -Internalz Pro

    Only thing I miss from Android are netflix and World of Goo. Wish I could run SpaceChem, but that is only on x86 and iOS.

    -Native VNC client with scaling and pinch & zoom
    -Handwriting Notes App (nuttypad out of beta?)
    -PDF app similar to Xournal
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    Minus a couple of glitches, I think Communities is the best app of all kinds anywhere. I can't speak for much of the other stuff, as I really don't use any of the other stuff. Oh, wait.. I see Splashtop. Splashtop is well worth the money that I've paid for it on every platform .. if only their server would allow you to connect multiple clients, it'd be heaven.
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    There are a lot of good apps listed here but I think we need to ask what are you looking for. Is he testing the TP as a reviewer would or is he evaluating it for a business application.

    I think the basics like PreWare, Save/Restore, and some of the patches apply however it will be used.
    After that it becomes a matter of what someone needs. I'm sure we can suggest (and argue about) doc editing sharing, expense tracking, mobile access, or whatever.
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    I second Gemini File Manager. Also, I was using the Pandora app, but there is a beta for pandora tablet:

    I've been using it, with no real issues at the moment.
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    He works for an electronics company, his team is working on different touch screen products and I understand they bought some touch screen devices to test out how they all work.

    He did tell me he found an snes emulator in the catalog (didn't know that was there lol) so I don't think there's any restriction on the kind of apps except NSFW things.

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys.
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    There are many nice TouchPad apps worth a try. such as this list: 20 good apps for the HP TouchPad | ZDNet
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    Headlines 2 is a top news reader and is getting updated, unlike many of the news apps.
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    Is there an email app that gives an alternative to the built in one. Emails don't always load for me

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