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    Flash Viewer can play swf, flv, f4v, f4a files on usb disk directly. It brings Flash Games & Movies to your webOS Phone & TouchPad easier than ever before. You can open those files from any where, such as Internalz Pro, Browser, Email, etc. You can also search & open them in this App.

    This App does not supply any Flash Games or Movies to you. You need download them, and put them on your Phone or TouchPad by yourself.

    This App need flashPlugins support, so this app can NOT support palm pixi/pixi plus.

    If you want to run this App on palm pre/pre plus, you need update the system to webOS 2.1, then install flashPlugins by yourself.

    You can get it from HP App Catalog:

    Flash Viewer v1.6.0 changelog:

    Added preferences.
    Support user scalable setting (smartphone only).
    Support orientation setting.
    Support window mode setting.
    Support quality setting.
    Support loop setting.
    Support scale setting.
    Support align setting.
    Support autostart setting.
    Support smoothing setting.
    Support stretching setting.
    Support repeat setting.

    Flash Viewer v1.5.0 changelog:

    Added file association. Support open files from other file manager & application, such as Internalz Pro, Browser, Email, etc.
    Support large (>10M) swf files now.
    Support swf file loading resources.
    Support more flash games, such as Plants Vs Zombies.
    Optimized flash loading & playing.
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