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    is there any way to see all the applications catalog in Spain? do not go all
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    not possible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by piti18 View Post
    not possible?
    Hi, I'm from Spain,

    I have not had problems on my veer, on my pre2 neither my old pixi with applications catalog, I've always seen them all apps.

    Anyway, if you install Preware and App Tuckerbox you will see all the applications, including those from other devices.

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    Hi! From Spain too. I reported this to HP. My message was:
    "Since WebOS 2.X the App Catalog in Spain has a lot of bugs:

    1. No app in the "Destacadas" view. No preview, nothing...
    2. Limited list of apps in "Novedades". No way to scroll down more than 50 apps.
    3. The most annoying for me us developer: a lot of apps doesn`t show any screenshots (Gears Designer, SkyORB, Cencerro, Turtleling...). It also happens in WebOS 1.4.

    I notified this to HP several weeks ago. Please, any help on this?

    They answered that are working on it.
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    thanks guys, installing it until Tuckerbox fix the error.


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