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    Well I can understand the motivation behind the question. I have myself seen folks asking for support without buying the app. But does it really make sense to ask? A pirate would probably lie and it might torque off legit users. There is probably a 3rd reason, folks who load the app however they can in countries where it isn't available via the catalog. Either way I wouldn't let it bother me, gotta stay focused on important stuff and not be distracted but the odd behaviors of others,
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    Right. I suppose all companies should first confirm from their customers that the product is not stolen or otherwise illegally acquired, before providing support. I wonder how kindly people would take to that idea. Of course, it is possible that the question may have simply been asked due to the 'Geo restricted' app catalog of webOS. But if that was the case, then it could have been asked directly. Either way, whether I can or cannot download from the app catalog, has no relevance to the need for the app to be fixed. For I am sure the 'fix' is not going to be just for me.
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    The "killing Pandora" bug is not in Graphite. The issue also hit one of my apps. It is a webOS sound bug. Probably the same one that makes the tinny sound problem.

    Anyway, I have a patch for Graphite that keeps this bug from being an impact. I'll contact the dev's to see if they are OK for me to distribute. Or has everyone abandoned the ship?
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    Dont let one guy hitting the panic button stop you.
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