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    There've been several recent YouTubes out there showing animals interacting with iPads. Think the bearded lizard one, or the toad.

    For their "enrichment" activities, I was wondering if my cats could enjoy any webOS touchpad apps? Like a game where you have some animated sprites moving around, and you have to tap on them to score points.

    Thanks for any tips.
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    Friskies has a web site Games for Cats! where there are 3 games that run on the TP's web browser. My cats showed no interest in one of them and split on the other 2.
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    A cat trying to maul a quick-moving, on-screen mouse would be absolutely hilarious. Thats a cat app I'd be interested in (and Im not even a cat person).
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    Don't forget VCT (virtual cat toy) in the catalog

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