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    Steam Mobile has just recently been released by Valve.

    Currently, its only for the iOS and Android Platforms.

    I'd like to suggest that webOS Nation (or associated developers thereof) try and coordinate a grassroots movement to get Valve to see that the webOS platform would be a great asset to the Steam Mobile app as it would allow the app to have capabilities it would lack on other platforms.

    I've started a thread on the Steam user forums about it, and any input/support would be greatly appreciated!

    Perhaps even here you guys could post a news item about it to see if we can garner enough support to show Valve.

    Steam for webOS - Steam Users' Forums
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    I'd love to see Steam Mobile on my Touchpad, but I doubt Valve will make a webOS app. They're having a hard enough time making Half-Life 2 Ep 3 . . .
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    Steam for webOS - Steam Users' Forums

    Right now, etodvs is working on an Enyo-framework webOS app. I'll be testing it.

    Steam has not given him private API access, so we will not have Chat, nor will the app be fully native as the Android and iOS ones are. He will have to do some translation/calls on a private server.

    If anyone has anything to offer him, please don't be shy to ask me to relay a message, or post yourself.


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