iSilo was running, along w/ DrPodder and Internalz Pro, and the Pre3 overheated to the point where it shut down. It was in my pocket so I didnt notice until the podcast stopped playing. A quick check found a device that was very hot to the touch. After 20 minutes or so, I restarted, loaded the same apps and the device immediately began to heat up. Govnah displayed 41 degrees and load averages were all 9 or above. I was initially OC'd to 1.9GHz but moving to 1.7 did not change things. The temp rise only stopped once I closed iSilo. I later did some tests.

Gov: 1.3.9
UK: 2.2.4-38


load average: 8.5/8.3/8.4
temp: 30 degrees; stable
current draw min/max: -94/-125
freq: min/max: 122MHz/1.9GHz; average: 122
mem: 342 (swap disabled)

ran iSilo...

load avg: 9.2/9/8.7
temp: +7 deg after 2 minutes to 48+
current draw: -740, -784, -803, -810, -870, -896, -905, -933, increasing...
freq: min/max: 1.9/1.9
mem: 346 (swap disabled)

ran DrPodder

load avg: 9.2/9.1/8.8
temp: + 2 deg to 50
current draw: -947
freq: min/max: 1.9/1.9
mem: 353 (swap disabled)

exit iSilo (DrPodder running in background)

temp immed dropped 5 deg within ~1 minute
after 4 minutes
load avg: 8.8/8.9/8.7 (later fell to 8.1/8.3/8.3)
temp: 41 (later fell to 37)
current draw: -181 -> -165
freq: min/max: 368/1.9; avg: 768
mem: 344 (swap disabled)

default (1.4GHz)

load avg: 8.5/8.6/8.8
temp: 30 deg; +2 stable at 32
current draw: -92 mA
freq: min/max: 122/1.4; avg: 122
mem: 347 (swap disabled)

run iSilo

load avg: 9/8/8
temp: +2, stable at 34
current draw: -276
freq: min/max: 1.4/1.4
mem: 356 (swap disabled)

run DrPodder

load avg: 9/9/9
temp: +1 to 35
current draw: -282
freq: min/max: 1.4
mem: 370 (swap disabled)

quit iSilo (DrPodder in background)

load avg: 8/8/8
temp: -4 to 31
current draw: -141
freq: min/max: 368/1.4 avg: 768
mem: 361 (swap disabled)

I immediately ruled out DrPodder and Internalz Pro as I use them daily. I ran the test w/ DrPodder as a control of sorts and because it was running when the device initially overheated. From the info though, iSilo seems to be the culprit. It could be an obscure UberKernel bug that is made evident by the way iSilo functions because the resource and heat problems happen only when the device is OCd (at 1.9 and 1.7GHz). For now Im leaning toward iSilo since, even at defaults, the current draw took a massive jump (-92 to -276) and the CPU was maxed at 1.4GHz w/o ever dropping.

So what gives? Has anyone else experienced this?