Hello everyone~Now,I use a pre3 at&t in China,but the mobile phone number is different from the Fixed telephone number.
For example,the fixed number in shanghai is 021-88888888,the pre3 can recognize the number and show "shanghai" under the phone number when I dialing the number or some one call me.
But when I call a mobile phone,it only show "Mobile Phone" under the mobile phone number.
I want to create a app to recognize the mobile phone region and show it under the mobile phone number when I dialing.I have the database to recognize the region,for example,the mobile phone number in China is 11 digitals,for example,15000711234,I can recognize the region by the number "1500071",but I don't know how to get the Phone Number when I dialing.
I have found some files,for example,(/usr/palm/frameworks/globalization/submission/44/formats/cn.area.json),this file can help the pre3 to recognize the fixed phone region.
and in the file /usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/builtins/palmglobalizationVersion1_0.jsjsjs $palmglobalizationVersion1_0$.$js$,$I$ $have$ $found$ $some$ $codes$ $just$ $like$ $to$ $recognize$ $the$ $mobile$ $phone$ $number$,……$else$ {$ret$.$area$={$sn$: $rb$.$$L$(&$quot$;$Mobile$ $Number$&$quot$;),$ln$: $rb$.$$L$(&$quot$;$Mobile$ $Number$&$quot$;)};}},$When$ $I$ $change$ $the$ $string$ (&$quot$;$Mobile$ $Number$&$quot$;) $to$ $others$,$and$ $then$ $change$ $it$ $in$ $pre3$,$but$ $it$ $is$ $useless$,$it$ $also$ $show$ $the$ &$quot$;$Mobile$ $Number$&$quot$; $under$ $the$ $Phone$ $Number$,$How$ $can$ $I$ $do$ $that$?
I just want to get the phone number when I dialing,the following code will be easier……Please help me,Thank you very much~
The most important code as follows in my opinion:
else if(number.mobilePrefix!==undefined){var prefixzz = number.mobilePrefix + number.subscriberNumber.substr(0,1);var index = Utils.getJsonFile("/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.treo8.app.callshow/formats/cn."+prefixzz+".json", "cn."+prefixzz);var areaNames = Utils.getJsonFile("/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.treo8.app.callshow/formats/cn.geo.json", "cn.geo");if ((number.countryCode===undefined||number.countryCode==86) && index && areaNames){ var appendixzz = Number(number.subscriberNumber.substr(1,3));var NameIndex = index[appendixzz].toString();var ProvIndex = Number(NameIndex.substr(0,2));var CityIndex = Number(NameIndex.substr(2))+100;var TheName = areaNames[ProvIndex]+areaNames[CityIndex];ret.area={sn:TheName,ln:TheName};}
How number.mobilePrefix means?How number.subscriberNumber means?