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    Hello, I've posted on here asking for this app a while back and didn't really get a good response from what i can remember so i'm asking again.

    I'm looking for an either App that i can text people as either blocked number or disguised number to prank a few friends of mine.. Lately they've been being dicks and just trying to screw with their heads a bit. Anyway, If one rings a bell please let me know. paid or free app don't really matter. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to some responses.

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    There are some in the App catalog if you just do a search. Search joke, hide or spoof mms.
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

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    No good, Just searched all three suggestions and couldn't find any of them. I'm Using a Veer on ATT running the latest official update. Not 2.2.3 or whatever that one is.

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