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    Some days ago the developers of OrbLand Labyrinth have released
    coupon codes worth 1000 free downloads!
    (for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom and USA), but nobody seems to have noticed here:
    OrbLand Labyrinth FREE PROMOTION | Hendis Blog
    Preł (iPhone 4), TouchPad 32 GB (PlayBook 16 GB)
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    NOT in HD (now) but TP compatible!







    New Zealand


    United Kingdom


    Follow on (!/naggelMobile ) Twitter to be the first to know about the next codes, and be also the first to know about our future free-app promotions which are sure to come!
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    Got it! Thanks for sharing!
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    not accepting code in U.K., maybe all gone.
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    Thanks! Worked for the US
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    thanks, just downloading in germany, will test it :-)
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    Thanks. Worked (Germany)
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    On what devices in germany? On my Pre 3 it is not available....
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    thanks, got one
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael75Pre View Post
    On what devices in germany? On my Pre 3 it is not available....
    read twitter:!/naggelMobile/...01100298108928
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    No go for me...get the App catalog dreaded Yellow Triangle! with the message:

    "This action could not be completed. Try Again Later."

    In the US on my Palm Pre+ (VZW).
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    thanks, got it :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnjaycee View Post
    not accepting code in U.K., maybe all gone.
    Worked on my TouchPad in the UK. Try entering the code again (including the "-"s).
    My published and impending WebOS apps -
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    Could not find in Touchpad app store (US).
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    search for orbland and settings on all (not only Touchpad)
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    Worked for me in the US. It is listed under the phone, not Touchpad, apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iprice View Post
    Worked on my TouchPad in the UK. Try entering the code again (including the "-"s).
    tried again, cut and pasted the code exactly to my touchpad and still no good for me. hope you enjoy

    GOT IT third time lucky
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    thanks I got it!
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    US gone
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