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    So I'm able to use Splashtop with no problems on my TP while at home. When I leave my laptop (MBP) at home and try to connect via splashtop at work, it never connects. My router is the DLink DIR-655. Do you think that remotely I'm not able to wake up my laptop at work? I checked under the router settings about WOL but didn't have much luck. Any suggestions? Please I'm dying without Netflix @ work!! Thanks.
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    I haven't made it work yet, either because I've been busy, but I know it requires you to open specific port(s) on the firewall in your router, and enable remote access through those ports in the splashtop server on the PC.

    and the PC can't be in sleep mode...

    also, I noticed they updated the port forwarding instructions on their site since the last time I checked:
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    Cantaffordit - thanks for the info. I will check that out. If i get it to work I will let you know. Its been driving me nuts though - glad to see its just not me ...
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    I would love to know how to get it to work. I also have the DIR 655.
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