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    Anybody else having problems with the Epicurious app? I can almost never view the featured recipes. When I tap a section on the left (Winter Dinners, for instance), the right side just shows a blank page. Most of the time I can use the search function, but the weird thing is that on the rare occasion the featured section works, the search section does not. Anybody else having the same problem? Anybody have a solution?


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    While I haven't really encountered that problem (I haven't looked into feature recipes, really, I usually am either looking something up specifically, or if I have say salmon, I'll type that in and see what it comes up with), I have come across this one:

    Open up a recipe, now close it, open it up again, close it, open it up again.

    While you're doing this, keep an eye on the ingredients list. Something isn't right with the index, and you get different ingredients almost every time you open/close it.

    I am pretty competent in the kitchen, so I can usually pick out what the right list is, but sometimes it takes me a few tries, and if you're not paying attention, it could throw you off.

    So just to confirm, you can't search anything at all?
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    The "nothing" in the screen can be cured by minimizing the card (making it small) and then making it large again.
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    @jaltman - Awesome, can't believe it was that simple. Thanks for your help!

    @sledge007 - Interestingly, I am not having this problem at all. Thank goodness since I'm not competent enough in the kitchen in order to tell what would be missing or added.

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