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    In Amazon cloud player seems like the pause/play button doesnt work since webOS 3.0.5. Once the song is playing it wont pause it.

    Can someone else check if they are having the same problem.
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    I can confirm this (I also posted to the bug thread). With 3.0.4 no problems. I updated to 3.0.5, went directly to my Amazon Cloud player link to make sure it was working and that streaming was OK in the update, but boom no play or pause button functionality.

    Summary of my problem

    - Every thing else works: searching, categories etc.

    - I can start playing a song by tapping on its link.

    - But then I can not use the play or pause button.

    - Also, the shuffle and repeat buttons which are right next to play/pause are almost useless. Not always/never registering that they have been turned on or off.

    I am happy to hear that you are having the same problem, only to confirm that I am not the only one and hopefully this will get fixed. Amazon cloud player was in the top 5 reasons for me buying the touchpad in the first place. That and only $99 :-)
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    I used the Touchpad chat help line and they said that they would forward this to support team.
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    Fingers crossed, maybe a fix someday.
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    Might help if some more people contact them about this issue :-)

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