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    I would love to have this app on my touchpad I could really burn some time.
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    same here, I'd really love this!
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    can you guys explain why so many people love this game? I don't get it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by matchqq View Post
    can you guys explain why so many people love this game? I don't get it!
    Eh, it's sortof like legos for grown-ups I suppose.

    You go, explore a bit, build a few big cool things and dig like crazy into some pretty cool underground caverns, accidentally dig into a big dungeon or lava lake, and end up fiddling with the assorted oddball bits and pieces of the world to hodgepodge-together some pretty cool contraptions.

    In the end it's all fairly useless and IMHO the game gets totally boring fairly quickly, but I had a bit of good time with it for a little while anyway. By the end of my "playing" I had a pretty damn cool home complete with automated monster-killing defenses (that warned me of enemy presense, and even funneled monster-drops into a collection area with a convienent light to tell me when there was something down there to pick up) and a really nifty cart system I macguyvered into existance that let me launch myself from one part of my facility to another with the flick of a switch. All of it built into this amazingly beautiful overhang/natural arch next to the ocean. Then, well, there was nothing much left to do. I gathered up all my diamond gear and took a nice big trip off into the wild blue yonder, seeing the world for several hours before accidentally dying to a creeper. At that point I felt I had done most everything I could in the game and I lost interest.

    What I wish, is that they'd take things a bit more to the extreme. Since they are basically eschewing the typical "game" format for an open-ended non-story, I think they should focus MUCH harder on the crafting side of things. A few more basic things that you could craft/build would really open up a world of creativity. I'd love to see the ability to boil water for example in order to create steam (rudimentary steam-powered devices) or a better system that allows for more generalized creation of almost -anything-. For example, imagine for a moment if they allowed you to create a rudimentary lathe, then let you carve down the blocks into rounded shapes etc. Give me a lathe and I could create a whole minecraft machine shop, and from there, the sky's the limit .

    Redstone was a fun step in that direction, but I think taking it to the extreme would draw me back in for a bit more playtime.
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    If playing only in single player survival or creative it could get a bit boring (only so much stuff you can design), but on multiplayer it's actually pretty fun, adds an odd sense of depth and community instead of going at it solo.

    Anyways, I haven't tried, but I'm guessing you just can't run the in-browser version that well with a bluetooth keyboard attached or something? TP would probably be a bit underpowered for that lol.
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    That's a good introduction. Thanks ncinerate! I have it on my CM7 and maybe try it someday.

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    I would also quite like minecraft on my touchpad so lets all tweet at Notch or something.
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