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    (note: this has been noted in another thread IIRC)
    using AppTuckerBox on my Pre2, Quickoffice HD showed up as an update. Looking around, as this showed up in some other thread, I decided to go ahead and update.

    My experience so far:

    Since its for the touchpad, some elements (buttons) don't show up normally. But I found rotating to landscape fixed most of it. (be prepared to rotate back-and-forth)

    No accounts show up in the Add Account menu
    No documents show up in the 'My Touchpad' list ( )
    I opened a PPT from Dropboxify, and it works beautifully, not counting rotating to access the 'Save As' button. I saved it, and it showed up in the root directory of my internal USB drive area.

    Document editing seems OK, (again, rotation needed to access more buttons) but I haven't seriously used it.

    I don't have any screenshots as of now.

    It isn't optimized for the small screen, but it works surprisingly well. (ahh, the wonders of Enyo) Only minor issues encountered, said above. It is set as the default handler, and PPT's display better, etc.

    Works well with Internalz

    Pre 2 - webOS 2.2.4

    Written on my Pre, might be edited a bit, as I want to get this out in case something bad happens.

    My Pre erased the settings. (Apps think its the first time running again)
    I can't do anything with the app until i open a document from elsewhere
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