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    I have just noticed that the app is fully functional even though I am not paying a subscription and never have.
    I am not sure if this is a bug but I am sure that you couldn't actually play music without a paid subscription previously.
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    No you couldn't. If the screen stayed Red, then you were not a paid subscriber and it would only list artists but wouldn't play. When it goes black, you're logged in as a subscriber and it works.

    I used to pay, but then there was that bug that stopped it playing a whole song and go to the next one so i stopped and used the webpage. Nice to have the functionality back and without paying (I take it as a "Sorry for screwing up previously" from


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    they updated it to work like that a month ago. It is cool that they did though
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    Let's hope it stays like this; it's great to have a different music source on the Touchpad.
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    Yeah it's been working for a while like that now. I'm loving it. I prefer Pandora, but it doesn't scrobble the plays on the TP like it does in Chrome with the plugin :\
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    Enjoy it while it lasts. It actually worked the same way in 3.0.4 in recent months, but it's a deceptive trial period. You get it free for about a month of use, then it will email you a note saying your trial period has expired. Next time you log in to the app after that email, boom...back to needing a paid subscription. Boooooo!
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