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    Added to list. Thanks!

    On my 4G TouchPad, Pre3 or Panda-Veer.
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    Centipede (All Ages) Atari Website
    Free The Balloon (All Ages) Stick Game - Puzzle
    Gold Digger (All Ages) Clone of Gold Miner Vegas in Russian I think
    Gold Miner Vegas (All Ages)
    Gold Miner Special Ed (All Ages)
    Hapland 1 (All Ages) Puzzle Game
    Hapland 2 (All Ages) Puzzle Game
    Hapland 3 (All Ages) Puzzle Game
    Infectuous (Teen Plus) Puzzle Game
    Huje - Tower (All Ages) Puzzle Game [Slow on my TP]
    Millipede (All Ages) Atari Website
    Little Wheel (All Ages) Puzzle Game [Stick Type] Runs better on my TP
    Tempest (All Ages) Atari Website [Difficult to control but it functions]
    Tentacle Wars 1 (Teen Plus) Strategy
    Tentacle Wars 2 (Teen Plus) Strategy
    UFO Mania (Teen Plus) Capture Stick people and put them on another planet
    Q-Bert 2004 (All Ages) Point and Click type easy to use
    Astro-Panic (All Ages) Retro Type game
    Samegame - Hex (Teen Plus) Puzzle
    Samegame - Charged (Teen Plus) Puzzle
    Samegame - Box (Teen Plus) Puzzle
    Neon 2 (All Ages) Shooter Type

    These are some of the games that I have found the function on my TP

    If I find any others today I will come back and edit this post
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    Quote Originally Posted by twack View Post
    To all FlashFile Launcher Users,

    Please post which flash games you have found to work on the TouchPad with FlashFile Launcher. I will reserve the next post as the master list and try and keep it updated as people add to the thread. Let's help each other have more fun with the TouchPad.

    In your post please include:
    1. The name of the game
    2. Genre (kids, balance, racing, etc)
    3. Usage notes (saves score, really cool/fun, boring but works, etc)

    If you do not already have FlashFile Launcher, you can get it from the webOS App Catalog.
    Click Here to go to the Catalog

    Or use the link at the bottom of this post.

    1. Car Parking Game
    2. kids, balance, racing,
    3. Many Levels
    For More Games Click Here
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