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    I assumed that you would only get a free 50 GB account if you used the same email address for your account as with the account registered to your Touchpad. But apparently the app doesn't bother to check (I guess they figured if you have the webOS version of the Box app, you must have a Touchpad). So I let my brother make a new Box account for himself using my Touchpad app, and lo and behold, he received a 50 GB account instead of a 5 GB one.

    There doesn't seem to be a cap, either. I made a 50 gig box account for each of my emails.

    Just a heads up. If you're trying to sell any of your family or friends on Box, you might try introducing them with a 50 gig account over a 5 gb one.

    EDIT: Typo in the topic title. Awesome.
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    when I created mine, I was offered the chance to invite my colleagues to 50 Gb accounts, so I invited bunches of friends ;-)

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