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    Same app from the pres and pixis has been enyoed and avail for the touchpad!!!

    Best 4 bucks spent today!
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    Will it sync between touchpad and pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tp2386 View Post
    Will it sync between touchpad and pre?
    That's a good question.
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    can you move notes between folders?
    can you export notes to other apps?
    what apps on my pc can read those notes?

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    - yes
    - to other apps in TouchPad, not yet - but with Clipboard soon...
    - with Google Docs & Simplenote on PC
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    Who is maintaining this? Ingloriousapps? Rudy P.?

    My question would be why the HD version does not synch automatically when started. The Noted! Beta app did that beautifully and that's how I would like it in Notes HD as well. Possible?
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    Today I bought and installed notes on my touchpad. I started notes, deleted some folders and tried to load my notes from google. The result was only a white window with the notes button on the top left corner. Tried to reboot, but I still had no notes. What can I do now?
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    I deleted the app and made a fresh install. I have no idea what caused the problem. Anyway, no it works.

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