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    On my Pre, Pre 2, and Pre 3's (granted, all running non-3.x versions of webOS), when I have them muted, alarms from the Clock app still sound (specifically, play the mp3s that I have set for each alarm).

    On my Touchpad, however, (now running webOS v3.0.5), when I have the sound muted, and even when I have the Clock app's Preferences' "When Sounds is Muted" setting set to "Play Alarm Sound", the mp3 that I have set for my alarm doesn't happen (i.e., no sound comes out).

    The song plays fine when I don't have the sound muted, so it's neither a problem with the file nor a problem with volume.

    I've only just tried it last night, after upgrading, so I don't know if this lack of following the Preferences setting is a new-to-version-3.0.5 thing.

    I've rebooted, and the problem has not gone away.

    Is that just my Touchpad? Is it a problem that has been there all along?

    Is there a fix?
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    The alarm sound -never- plays on my TouchPad. I just get two dings. No matter what I've set it to do.
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    I'm glad to see that somebody can corroborate my issue! The problem exists in 3.0.4 as well, I waited until 3.0.5 was released to inspect the bug. The results of my research can be found here:

    I don't know how the webOS/Enyo Audio object works so I've traced this issue as far as I am able. I had hoped to fix it but I don't know how to continue down the rabbit hole.

    Hopefully somebody at HP (or somebody who knows more) can take up the mantle from here!
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    Thanks for your work!

    I hope this gets picked up and fixed...I moved on to iOS for my phone, but I still use my Pre3 for its clock alarms that can play any mp3 (which iOS doesn't do, at least without buying an app that I haven't found/decided upon).

    If my TP did what it was supposed to do in this functionality, it could replace my Pre3 in that, and I might not have to carry my iPhone, Pre3, and Touchpad when I travel...


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