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    I have a 16gb Touchpad running 3.04.

    I have the ubercalendar patch installed.

    I used to have my calendars either owned by my gmail login, or shared with it.

    Due to a change at work I now have all my calendars as part of google apps, which are still shared with permission for me to change and modify ownership (highest permissions). I also set the sharing in the google app control panel to the highest permissions.

    At first I couldn't get the calendat to show any anything but the main calendar for my log in, not any of the other 11 calendars I have (don't ask why it as to be 11 !). I soved that my setting up access from an exchange server account, which seems to work fine, be quick and events are synching both ways.

    However I keep getting duplicate events appearing for all my appointments. No matter which original calendar they were entered in they also appear under the HPwebos account. They appear on the calendar as white blocks with black linesm rather than the coloured ones for the original appointments.

    I have deleted them all (twice) and turned off back ups - but they all still keep re-appearing in the default account. The actual google app calendars seem unaffected, all appointments are fine.

    I'm going mad with it. I rely on my diary.

    Please has anyone got any ideas ?

    I have also de-installed ubercalendar, re-started and then re-insatlled - no difference.

    Please help !
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    Did you try removing/re-adding the account?

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