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    Hello, i was wondering if anyone has been able to play runescape on the tp, i mean why not? It plays other flash games, and if it can't, would it be possible to create a patch or app that allows you to play it, i wouldn't know seeing that i am pretty inexperienced with the touch pad. I'm am new to this forum, just bought a new 32 gb Tp,I followed the thread with the preware tut so hello everyone!

    Also replies like "who plays runescape?", that isn't relevant.

    If this is worded badly, i am incredibly tired and i apologize.
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    My apologies if this in the wrong section.
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    When you click on "Play Now", this message appears:

    Java Problem

    It appears that you do not have Java installed, or your version of Java is very old. To play this game for free please click here to download the latest version of Java. Alternatively, click here to get the downloadable version of the game.

    If you have already installed the downloadable version, please look for the RS icon on your computer desktop and double-click to play.
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    In case that's Greek to you, it means that the game isn't a Flash game, it's a Java game, and we don't run Java.
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    lol, I get it. I guess putting it so bluntly is a good way to get me out of denial.

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