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    Can someone that knows how to convert ios apps to webOS talk to the ios developers of the more popular apps and ask them if you could port their app while the ios developer will still get the credit? The reason why apps are not ported is because they do not want to waste time and money on a "dead" platform. So if it's less effort to port a high quality app than to develop one from scratch, then I think this would be a good way for both the webOS and ios developers to make some quick cash. Has, or can, anyone contact some ios developers with this idea?

    Also, I realize there are already some similar threads about this, but are at least a year old and are dead.
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    there's a reason why the old ones are dead.
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    There seems to be a misconception that all iOS apps can be easily ported to webOS. As stated on the HP Developers site (, apps that use OpenGL and SDL (for graphics and multimedia) can be converted relatively easily. In most cases, this will be limited to games. Games are great, but I'm guessing you were also hoping for non-game apps as well.
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