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    Here's a video of Audio Headlines beta version :
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    this app is not visible for me in app catalog. i had passing by with sending the app link to my touchpad and gladly webos understood the link and opened it in the app catalog.

    my first try with app was kinda okay. but i didn't got it managed to let the app read my tweets from people whom i follow. it just read what i've tweeted or people mentioned to me.

    but for the first release it is pretty damn cool except the thing with the restriction from which area the app is visible in the app catalog. i hope this restriction will fall rather sooner than later ;-)
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    Thanks for feedback. The app is still in test, so it's only available here not in the app cat. The app can only read mention , hashtags or General research on Twitter. Managing Twitter accounts is a bit harder.
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    This is terrific ! Great Speech Processing. One minor suggestion is to change the <STOP> button into a <BACK> button (Or <RETURN> OR <Stop/Back>) simply to label the function more clearly. A <NEXT> Button might be nice, rather than waiting for each header. I understand the 100 character limit... can you create a "Continue" function that allows the app to keep on reading the text in 100 character segments? HiJack Question: Any pointers/suggestions for a way create a Speech Recognition App for the TouchPad Mic?
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