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    Hello all, I was trying to download the first NOVA on my touchpad so i can play vs my bros touchpad and vs his pre- . He already had nova1 on his pre-, when he synced his profiles nova1 synced to his TP and it just scaled up. We played on wifi versus game on pre- vs tp, which was fun. Nova2 does not have multi-player support and i don't think it will be coming, i have been tweeting gameloft and emailing them, but they sent me a stupid generic email as if they did not read my email at all. I cant find it in the app market, i used pre to share the app via email, says not available for my model, but it still scales well not in mojo mode, but full screen enyo.

    How can i buy the first NOVA on my touchpad? (its currently 99 cents, and i want it for the multiplayer support and want to try and get it before sale ends)?
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    You need a Pre or Pre2 logged in to the same profile as your touchpad, then you can buy NOVA 1 to get it into your profile. Once you've done that, on your Touchpad you install Preware with the Beta feeds enabled, and install App Tuckerbox. Register the Touchpad in app tuckerbox, and then enable app tuckerbox in preware. Now finally you can install Nova 1 on your touchpad through Preware.

    I know that's a lot to go through, but it's the only way. I'm not sure why so many phone games that used to be available on the TouchPad and worked just fine are now tagged phone-only (and even more irritating, many are tagged Pre/+/2-only, not available for Pre3 either). I don't know if the developers did it, or if HP did it or some of both.

    Preware + App Tuckerbox solves the problem for apps you've already purchased, but there's no way to purchase an app if you don't have the right device in your profile.

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